Welcome to Lake Hill

Lake Hill is an electronic trader in listed options and futures across asset classes. Lake Hill provides liquidity to natural hedgers and speculators as banks are reducing inventory and principal risk trading due to new regulation, capital constraints and higher technology requirements.

What Does Lake Hill Do?

Electronic trading in global equity index options and futures, as well as energy, metal, grain, livestock and soft products. The market neutral portfolios are long and short hedged listed options.

Why Should the Lake Hill Program Profit?

Providing liquidity to hedgers and speculators. The firm fills a void as banks retrench from warehousing inventory and principal risk trading functions.

Why Lake Hill?

The team continues to innovate at the forefront of the industry as option trading evolves toward increasingly automated and electronic trading.

How Does the Program Work?

By earning a spread on the difference between long and short options. The firm manages its diversified book of options and futures inventory using advanced technology, automated trading and discipline.

Where Does Lake Hill Fit?

The strategy is pure alpha and targets absolute returns regardless of market direction with low correlation to investment benchmarks.